Advanced Light Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory




Super-resolution microscopy has become a powerful imaging tool for biology and material science. To obtain reliable and super resolution imaging results, it requires not only the knowledge of biology, but also the background in physics, chemistry, computer science, and engineering. Yet, it has been challenging for most scientists.

In collaboration with HKUST Super-Resolution Imaging Center, NanoBioImaging (NBI) has commercialized user-friendly Super-Resolution Imaging System, SRiS.

Key capabilities

  • 20 Nm Resolution: 10 times greater than conventional optical microscopes
  • Simultaneous Multi-Channel Imaging: Time-efficient, minimizing photobleaching
  • Active Locking System With Nanometer Precision: Highly stable and efficient
  • Optimized Imaging Buffer: Balanced photochemical properties for different channels
  • No Warm-Up Time Required: Time saving