Advanced Light Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory

Providing a unique collection of leading-edge optical microscopes, small-animal imaging devices, and fluorescent probes

Policies, Procedures, and Rates

Policies for the use of the CNSI ALMS facilities:

For use the microscopes and other equipment in the CNSI Advanced Light Microscopy Facility, you agree to the following:

IMPORTANT: Please cite our RRID# (RRID:SCR_022789) when publishing images collected using equipment from ALMS! 

Example: “Confocal laser scanning microscopy [or whatever you used: e.g. Two-photon, Light-sheet, FLIM, Experiments/Data analysis etc…] was performed at the Advanced Light Microscopy/Spectroscopy Laboratory and Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA (RRID:SCR_022789) with funding support from NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant S10OD025017 and NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant CHE-0722519″.

Other policies to which you must agree:

  1. That you will follow all the rules for use of the facility and the instructions of the directors.
  2. That you will be responsible for keeping the instruments in good working order and cleaning up after yourself.
  3. That you will be responsible for any damages or loss to the equipment.
  4. That any publication cover that you get from images taken in the Facility, that you will provide a publisher’s copy of that cover to the Facility for display.We would be most pleased to display it in the Facility with credit to you and your lab.

Laser and Laboratory Safety

Laboratory safety is an important issue here at UCLA. To comply with UCLA and OSHA regulations, all personnel working in UCLA laboratories are required to have the laboratory and biohazard safety trainings appropriate for the particular lab work they are doing. Basic Laboratory Safety Training should have been taken as a prerequisite to your working in a UCLA laboratory. Visit the UCLA Environmental Health and Safety webpage and scroll down to: Classroom Training Descriptions and Schedule to sign up for required training courses.

For the ALMS Facility, lasers play an important part in the work being done with nearly every instrument and there are hazards in working with them. We require that you also take laser safety as you will no doubt be using lasers in the course of your work within the ALMS laboratories. Sign up and take EH&S Embedded Laser safety training (Click  on “Go To Worksafe Now” at You will be required to bring a copy of your laser safety certification card as EHS requires that we have it on record.

In addition to laboratory and laser safety trainings, you must have taken the following EHS trainings to conform to BSL2 Standards and the Facility’s BSL2 certification:

  1. Biosafety Cabinet (once)
  2. BSL2 (every 3 years, unless using oncogene inserts, need to take BSL2+)
  3. Medical Waste Management (every 3 years)
  4. Bloodborne Pathogen (annually)
  5. Hazardous Chemical Waste (annually)

If you intend to work with any living tissue culture cells in the laboratory, you will be expected to conform to our BSL2 Standard Operating Procedures and conform to your own lab’s BSL2 certification.

If you intend to work with live or whole animals, your lab must have an animal research protocol approved by the UCLA Animal Research Committee.

While we do not keep records of all of your trainings (except laser safety), your principal investigator is required to have all of these on record in your lab’s safety manual. You will also be required to view a slide presentation outlining the particular safety features and procedures for the ALMS and MIS laboratories.

If you are bringing any living cells into the Facility, please be prepared to:

  1. Give us exact information as to what tissue culture cell lines they are and any transfections or viruses used in their preparation for use in the ALMS/MIS laboratories.
  2. Show us records of the above trainings (from your lab safety manual) if we are required by higher authorities (EHS, Cal OSHA) to prove that you are in compliance. We do not want to endanger any certifications that we have or will have. This would hurt everyone.
  3. If working with animals in the ALMS/MIS laboratories, please be prepared to show proof of your animal research protocols also if we are required by higher authorities (EHS, Cal OSHA) to prove that you are in compliance.

Rates for the use of the CNSI ALMS facilities:

  • All rates are approved by UCLA and are subject to change. Supply costs (consumables) requested by users will be passed on to the users at cost.
    *Charges for Assisted Usage are in addition to the hourly charge for instrument use.
  • Rates for equipment use by industry and other for-profit entities are available upon request

INSTRUMENT/SERVICE UC Affiliated User Rate Non-UC Affiliated Academic/Non-Profit User Rate
Assisted Usage $107 /hour $147
Confocal SP2 MP-FLIM $44 /hour $61
Confocal SP5 Blue / MP-STED-AFM $44 /hour $61
Confocal SP8 Light-Sheet / MP-DIVE-FLIM / SP8-STED/FLIM/FCS $53 /hour $74
Consultation $107 /hour $147
CRi Maestro 2 in-vivo imaging system $34 /hour $47
Custom Projects: Lightsheet, Proof-of-Concept, SWIR imaging, Sample Analysis $2,418 / project $3,337
Data/Image analysis/processing $107 /hour $147
DMIL Microscope with SPOT Camera $20 /hour $27
Equipment Loan – Tier 1 (Daily) $53 /day $74
Equipment Loan – Tier 2 (Daily) $108 /day $149
Equipment Loan – Tier 3 (Weekly) $241 /week $333
Group Training $160 /hour $221
In Vivo Optix $35 /hour $48
Leica DMI6000 confocal spinning disk $44 /hour $61
Leica DMRXA Wide-field CCD IN SITU upright $20 /hour $28
Leica LMD7000 $44 /hour $60
Leica M205 FA fluorescence stereomicroscope $20 /hour $28
Leica RM2235 Rotary Microtome $19 /hour $27
Leica TIRF-STORM-Thunder $55 /hour $75
Off Hour Rate – Confocal SP5 $35 /hour $48
Off Hour Rate – Confocal SP8 $44 /hour $60
Personalized one-on-one training (2 hours) $213 /user $294
SP8 Analysis Workstation $20 /hour $28
Sutter Instruments micropipette puller $20 /hour $28
Tissue Culture $20 /hour $28
Wide-Field CCD Microinjection Inverted $20 /hour $28
Wide-field Nuance microinjection upright $20 /hour $28