Advanced Light Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory

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Advanced Light Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory


ALMS Confocal MicroALEX Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy 

Main uses: Alternating laser excitation spectroscopy. FRET ratio and stoichiometry measurements at very low light levels

The MicroALEX-FCS is a custom built single-molecule microscopy set-up for alternating laser excitation spectroscopy

Highlights of this microscope include:

  • Confocal or wide-field geometry.
  • Olympus IX71 microscope stand.
  • 3 alternating lasers (blue, green and red) for FRET-based measurement in solution.
  • Alternating Laser Excitation spectroscopy: ALEX.
  • 3 APD detectors.
  • Fast time-correlated counting board (6 ns-resolution).
  • EMCCD camera and PC computer for recording and processing data.
  • Data can be plotted with stoichiometry vs. FRET to show different fluorochrome FRET combinations much like a plot from a flow cytometer.