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Confocal Imaging Seminar and Workshop
“Ribbon Scanning Confocal for High-Speed High-Resolution Imaging of Massive Volumes”

Alan M. Watson, Ph.D.
Research Asst. Professor, Center for Biological Imaging, Dept. of Cellular Biology
The University of Pittsburgh

Location: CNSI, executive conference rooms 

This event is being hosted by Laurent Bentolilla, Director, Advanced Light Microscopy & Spectroscopy Lab
Please RSVP for this seminar to events@cnsi.ucla.edu

After the seminar, please join us for a hands-on demonstration of the RS-G4, the microscope used by the CBI to generate the images in the seminar.  In addition, participants are welcome to bring samples, cleared or slide based to image with the system.

Ribbon Scanning Confocal Imaging Workshop

The new RS-G4 from Caliber I.D. is a large-format, resonant-scanning confocal microscope, offering multiple laser lines (405/488/561/640/785) for single, sequential or simultaneous image acquisition of fluorescent labels.

Location: CNSI, room 2152 

Ben Alexander from Caliber ID will be on-site for training on:

Tuesday, September 17 from 2-5 pm
Wednesday, September 18 from 9-5 pm
Thursday, September 19 from 9-5 pm
Friday, September 20 from 9-12 pm

The microscope will them be available for use through noon on Friday, September 27th
Use the Google Doc link to sign up for a time.