Advanced Light Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory

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Advanced Light Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory


Wide-Field NUANCE Microinjection Upright Microscope

The NUANCE multispectral imaging system is an enhancement to our wide-field microinjection upright to provides imaging of multiple molecular markers in tissue sections for both fluorescence and brightfield microscopy.

With Nuance, it is no longer necessary to stain many serially sectioned slides to monitor the expression of multiple markers. Nuance can visualize multiple nuclear, cytoplasmic and membrane markers, all in the same tissue section, and all with intact morphology. Cell-by-cell expression of various markers can easily be appreciated, and captured quantitatively, providing information similar to that achievable with flow cytometry, but with the advantage that the physical location of markers, cells, and tissue architectural elements are maintained.

Nuance can spectrally characterize all the spectral components in a sample, and use this information to automatically separate and quantitate each signal into its own channel—for both fluorescence and brightfield immunohistochemistry.

  • Yokogawa CSU-X1 spinning disk confocal scanner unit
  • Software controlled motorized stage and piezo-focusing device for 3-D sectioning
  • Andor EMCCD camera.
  • Solamere Technologies laser bank, computer, Yokogawa scanner and computer with running software.
  • Laser bank: 4 solid state lasers with excitation lines at 405 (dark blue) 491 (blue-green), 561 yellow-green)and 640 nm (far red).
  • Fast PC computer with over a terabyte of data storage space.
  • Running software: MicroManager opensource microscopy management software. Ultra-fast image acquisition (up to 1000 fps in full-frame) with minimal photobleaching and phototoxicity.