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Leica RM2235 Rotary Microtome

Main Use: Fast confocal scanning of live or fast moving specimens

The Leica RM2235 is a manual high-performance microtome with mechanical precision specimen feed, designed above all for the manual sectioning of biological specimens embedded in paraffin. The new instrument especially addresses the needs of those microtome users who prefer manual over motorized sectioning. During the development of the RM2235, special emphasis was placed on translating the known user requirements for sturdy manual microtomes in the best possible way. User safety and reliable performance were also the focus of further improvement. The housing of the instrument has been adapted to modern user requirements for improved ergonomics. Control elements that are used several times a day are positioned for optimum user friendliness and are very simple to operate. The Leica RM2235 comes standard with an ergonomically integrated, spacious section waste tray. Optional arm rests make daily work easier providing considerably enhanced user comfort, especially for routine applications. Safety features such as two independent handwheel locking systems and an optimized knife guard integrated into the knife holder set new standards.

  • Uniquely user-friendly.
  • Designed for manual routine paraffin sectioning but can also be used for cutting harder materials.
  • Precision sectioning with extra measure of control during manual sectioning.
  • One-piece protective housing provides long product life and the compact base features a wrap-around, magnetized waste tray for space-saving convenience.