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Advanced Light Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory


Leica M205 FA Fluorescence Stereomicroscope

Main Use: Fluorescence imaging

The Leica M205 FA stereomicroscopes features Leica Microsystems’ patented TripleBeam® technology. The TripleBeam® principle refers to the microscope’s third beam path, reserved exclusively for fluorescence illumination to deliver evenly illuminated, reflex-free fields of view at all zoom settings. This separation of illumination and observation beam paths ensures brilliant fluorescence images, rich in detail and contrast, with the best light efficiency. Even weak fluorescence signals are displayed with remarkable image quality

Fluorescence microscopy techniques are critical for studying the functions within organisms in modern developmental, molecular, and cellular biology. Fluorescence microscopy gives researchers insight into a world normally hidden from sight. The structures within an organism and their dynamic processes can be specifically targeted with fluorescence dyes to render them visible at the sub cellular level, which helps researchers to better understand the molecular principles and complex relationships on which life itself is based.

  • Get highly reliable and publishable results as all parameters are always auto-stored for you.
  • Eliminate interruption in your workflow with the four position coded filter changer.
  • Add a footswitch for easy change of filters, focus, and illumination adjustment, keeping both hands free for screening.