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Leica LAS X Software Platform

Main Use: Software platform for microscopy

Leica Application Suite X (LAS X) is the one software platform for all Leica microscopes: It integrates confocal, wide-field, stereo, super-resolution, and light-sheet instruments from Leica Microsystems. LAS X is made for every step of your research. This platform provides maximum ease of use and enables anyone in your team to become productive quickly.

Switch from searching image by image to seeing the full overview of your samples. Like a GPS for your cells, LAS X Navigator ensures that you always have a clear roadmap to brilliant data.

Create fast overviews of your samples and identify the important details instantly. Then set up high resolution image acquisition automatically using templates for slides, dishes and multiwell plates.

  • Get immediate feedback on the applied settings at each step through a viewer.
  • Get guidance from analysis wizards which lead you quickly to reproducible results.
  • Run automated analysis of multiple samples.
  • Select an object on the screen and view its highlighted measurement in the results table.
  • Use the Automatic Classifier to group your results.
  • Display and follow the particles’ trajectories over time.
  • Save the results with the experiment or create a report including histogram and binary mask.