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Advanced Light Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory


Cambridge Research and Instrumentation (CRi) Maestro™ 2 in vivo small animal Imaging System

Main Use: Spectral unmixing imaging of fluorescence signals in small animals or other macroscale specimens

The Maestro™ 2 system combines high sensitivity with advanced animal-handling features and user-friendly time-saving operation. Focus, adjust the specimen stage, or change filters at the click of a button. Broadband mode allows increased sensitivity, while narrowband mode allows higher accuracy for improved spectral separation.

The Maestro 2 system is fast: acquire full spectral images in only seconds. It is also flexible: image any fluorophore which emits beyond 500 nm. Image multiple fluorophores, even if they overlap spectrally and spatially. And the Maestro 2 is sensitive: up to 300 times more sensitive than monochrome!

  • Fluorescence observation and spectral unmixing of whole mice.
  • Same LCTF technology as the NUANCE system, but applied to whole living mice in the Maestro.
  • Xenon arc lamp for excitation and 7 excitation/emission sets for 500 nm to 950 nm imaging.
  • Dynamic Contrast Enhancement application for image rendering.
  • PC with CRi Maestro software similar to CRi NUANCE software.